Hand Wash

***By Appointment Only

All hand washes includes basic front & rear vaccumed, window cleaning, dash & door jams wiped, rims cleaned & tire dressing. May be an additonal charge for neglected rims.

2 door & 4 doors sedan


SUVs & minivans


Big trucks, Full size vans, excursions, expeditions, Nissan armada


Detail Services

*Car Wash included. May be an additonal charge for dog hair removal , neglected or oversize vehicles.

Hand Wash & Wax

starting at $89.00 oversize add $10.00

Waxing is done after the wash process, usually completed with in 40 minutes after wash process. This service is just for the exterior. We will blow out all excess water and towel dry. Then apply wax with orbital buffer and remove with microfiber towels

3 Step Process: Paint Correction System & Swirl-Free Defect Removal

starting at $189.00 oversize add $10.00

Outside Includes: Hand Wash


Inside Includes: Vaccuum, Window Cleaning, Dashboard & Wipe Down of Door Panels



Step 1: Paint Decontamination & Clay Treatment



Step 2: Buffing, Swirl-Free Defect Removal



Step 3: Paint Sealant Application


Paint Sealant

starting at $119.00 oversize add $10.00

Clay - Synthetic sealant. Professional Synthetic Sealant has synthetic polymer formulation that provides technologically advanced paint care and protection

Express Interior cleaning

starting at $59.00

We vacuum your carpets and seats, Cleaning all Vinyl Throughout vehicle (Dash, Door panels, Console), Blowing out all debris and dirt out of cracks and crevices, Applying A water base interior dressing to all vinyl surfaces, Cleaning your windows, Door jams.

Price includes 2 rows only, add $10.00 per each additional row

Full Detail

starting at $179.00

Includes complete interior detailing, trunk cleaning, hand wash and wax applied with orbital buffer and removed with microfiber towels.

Complete Interior Detail

starting at $140.00

Includes carpet & seats steam clean leather cleaner & conditioner. Applying a water base interior dressing to all vinyl surfaces (dash, door panels, console), clean your windows, door jams &
hand wash.

Seats or Carpet Steam Cleaned

Removes most stains and sanitizes - Environmentally friendly - All chemicals biodegradable

Carpet Steam Clean & Shampoo

starting at $59.00

Price includes 2 rows only, add $10.00 per each additional row

Quick detail

starting at $49.00

Applying A water base interior dressing to all vinyl surfaces ( Dash, Door panels, Console), Cleaning your windows, Door jams& basic vacuum

Other Services!

We also offer the ability to provide road paint, tar removal, tree sap removal, over spray removal, and headlight restoration!